The CAD CAM projects are arrange from easy at the top of the page and are more difficult as as you move down the page. Click on the photo and it will take you to my instructables page where you will find all the Information you need to complete the project

DigitalManufacturing - Key Tag Project

Digital manufacturing doesn't have to be expensive or difficult, with an old computer, free software and a hiring a machine for a few minutes you can make things that would not be possible in a home workshop!

This is the first in a series of Instructables on how to use CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) and CAM (Computer Aided Machining)

Making Stickers With Vcarve

Recently we bought a cheap Chinese vinyl cutter, or "sticker machine" and although the machine itself is reasonable quality and works well, the Artcut software the runs the machine is just horrible. I found that I couldn't import images, there are not many fonts to choose from and its just not user friendly at all, many of the menu items either don't work or, have really odd functions that are not much use for anything. This Instructable will show how to use Vcarve to make stickers.

Digital Manufacturing - Desk Name Plate Project

This project you can make a name plate and cut it out with a laser cutter. You will learn how to assemble two parts together on the computer so you know it will fit when you cut it out with the laser. You will also make an engineering drawing and learn how to draw dimensions, and insert notes 

Digital Manufacturing - Laser Cut Box Project

if you have been following along you should be getting quite good at using prodesktop so there is not as much detail in the photos and we will be focusing more on the design part of the program as engineering drawings and photo album have been covered in the first three instructables.
This project is a simple laser cut box which little kids love to play with, or you can cut it out of clear and use it to display an object.

Digital Manufacturing - 3D Printed Box Project

This project is based on the wooden pencil box and I took the measurements from the box and scaled it down, to create a miniature version. You can take this approach or you can draw your project full size, you just have to make sure that it will fit on the printer before you start, or you will end up having to scale it down anyway.

Custom Electronic Enclosures

Often when you build a cheap electronic kit they don't come with a box, if you have access to a 3d printer, and a laser cutter here is a simple way to make a custom enclosure that looks cool and fits right.  In this example Ill show you how to make a laser cut and 3D printed Enclosure for the 4 bits clock kit as featured in the bomb proof clock instructable , but you could adapted it to almost any size PCB or electronic kit..

Graffiti Stencil Clock or Signs

This is a way to make a graffiti style clock or sign using a laser cutter, spray paint, and some clear acrylic. The technique is quite a bit simpler than they way stencil graffiti on a wall is done, but it still quite a challenge to get all the layers the correct colors and looking right.

Laser Cut Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are an addictive toy, and this instructable will show you how to design and make your own custom laser cut fidget.  You will only need a 608 bearing which can be purchased very cheaply online.  If you want to add weight to your spinner 12mm steel ball bearings do the job very nicely.

Digital Manufacturing - 3D Printed Toy Car Project

This time we are going to make a toy car which has five parts, but we only need to draw four of them. You can customize your car, change the wheels or put a crash helmet on the driver, and we are going to use some functions of prodesktop that have not been covered before .
This makes a great gift for little kids as they enjoy pulling it a part, racing it and leaving it lying around on the stairs for you to stand on in the middle of the night.

Digital Manufacturing - CNC Signs Project

If you have seen timber sign in shops and ebay, and though that price is a bit steep I wish could make that, well you can and here's how. The first thing you need to do is find and image that you would like to carve. I would recommend that fist time you use this program that you choose a simple line drawing or cartoon, as photographs can have some unexpected results. Also if the image is too small it can pixilate badly and cause issues, our robot friend is perfect for this demo, has he has a black line around the outside all his details.

CNC Cut Paper Rack

This paper rack is designed to hold large amount of forms, letters or documents in a minimum of space and also design to be be easy to grab a form when needed. It was designed for A4 sheets 210 x 297mm but US letter should also fit 216 x 355mm as the openings are 220mm wide.
The material is 3mm clear acrylic but you could use any 3mm material, such as MDF or aluminium.

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