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Computer related projects and classwork

Bullet Time Class Photo

The bullet time effect was originally achieved photographically by a set of still cameras surrounding the subject. The cameras are fired sequentially, or all at the same time, depending on the desired effect. Single frames from each camera are then arranged and displayed consecutively to produce an orbiting viewpoint of an action frozen in time.
Then I thought that maybe I might be able to make it work with 20 web cams on the laptops in my computer class, the results are a bit rough but lots of fun.

How to Write a Self Marking Test.

Google has a number of "apps" that can be quite useful if you are an educator and would like to try something different with your students. This Instructable will show you how to make a simple self marking test which will give loads of feedback. It will show which questions student struggled with, the answers each student gave as well as a grade in percent. The results are recorded on a spread sheet as well some nicely presented pie charts..

Digital Notice Board for Schools

The school that I work at wanted to have some way of communicating to the students without using the PA or having to run around change notice boards everyday.

So the idea was to have screens around the school hooked up to a web site that can be easily updated every day, the web site was the easy bit, getting the screen to do what we needed proved to be quite difficult.

Running Windows XP on Your MacBook

Now, why would you want to do that? Put a 20-year-old operating system on my shiny new MacBook, doesn't sound like a good idea, but there is some great old software that still works just fine, that won't work on newer versions of windows or on a Mac.

Also, there are some very expensive industrials machines that will not work on new versions of windows I've seen an MRI machine, CNC Lathes, Mills, plasma cutters, and laser cutters that still run on window XP

Macbook Flappy Bottom Repair Hack

If you own a white Mac book, chances are the rubberized bottom is falling off, This particular laptop in the picture has had it bottom replaced 3 times, and yet its falling off again.

In this instructable Ill show you how to fix it forever by fitting a silver Macbook Pro bottom to it.

Making an Online Folio

Making an online folio is really easy, and has lots of advantages over a paper folio, you don't have to do battle with a printer, your dog can't eat it, and you can email your teacher the link. If your looking for a job and you do a great job of your folio you can put the link on your resume or Curriculum Vitae.

Smart employers are looking for what you can do, and a folio is a great way to show this off..

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