The Metal work projects are arrange from easy at the top of the page and are more difficult as as you move down the page. Click on the Photo and it will take you to my instructables page where you will find all the Information you need to complete the project

Engraving Metal With a Laser Cutter

A way to get great results engraving metal is to make a mask using a laser cutter and electro etching using saltwater. In this example, I'm going to run through how to make a dog tag out of aluminium but the same principle applies to any project you might like to engrave. The project is aimed at kids an could be their first project as the tools and equipment are very safe to use, and you can get very professional results.

This method can produce highly detailed results so is great for jewellery or markings and labels for tools or equipment

Digital Manufacturing, Drawing and Importing Templates

Templates don't even require a laser cutter you can just print them out and are very useful for marking out material that you want to cut, drill or fold. Or maybe you have seen those neat skeleton cut dinosaurs or toys but thought as I don't have a laser cutter I cant make one, Well you can with a printer and a scroll saw. In fact the dinosaurs and spider were cut out of 3mm acrylic with a scroll saw by a 12 year old.. The first Template is for a Sheet metal box. It can be quite difficult to mark out sheet metal, and get everything millimeter perfect, and if you have more than one to make, or you make a mistake folding or cutting you have to start all over again.

Hashtag Puzzle

This little puzzle is quite the challenge to solve, and fun to build. The instructable is very detailed with lots of photos and notes as it's written for my beginning STEM students, who enjoy being able to work independently and at their own pace.

The DXF file is there if you want to cut it out on the laser cutter, but as acrylic is not very strong, it is likely going to break the first time you get frustrated with it and throw it at the wall. The real challenge it to make it by hand from aluminium.

Aussie Barn Star Design and Build

I thought we might put an Aussie twist on it and do a seven-pointed start.

You can make this out of sheet metal or card, and change the shape so its " fat or skinny" and have as many points as you like.

I'll show you how to design a template for sheet metal and also design for the laser cutter if you want to make your star out of card

Sheet Metal Tool Box

This Toolbox will take your sheet metal skill to the next level. It looks simple enough but has a few tricky folds and marking out the sides it is a bit more challenging than you would expect.

The rail at the top also doubles as storage for sockets, so a handy little box if you repair cars or trucks.

Rivnut / Nutsert Installation Tool

Rivnuts are handy little things that allow you to put a thread into sheet metal and are common in all sorts of applications. You often see them holding metal furniture together, or used in the roof of a car to hold the roof rack on. This installation tool uses a screw that makes work easier by magnifying the force you exert on the Rivnut to crush it in the hole.

Automatic Chicken Feeder

This chicken feeder is designed to keep unwanted visitors from your chicken food and helping themselves to your chickens dinner. The chicken has to stand on the pedal to open the top and get lunch, most birds, rats, mice, are not heavy enough to push the pedal down. It also keeps the food dry as the top will keep the rain out.

Tiny survival Kit

Here is the tiny survival kit, made from a CO2 cartridge commonly found in bb guns or soda stream machines. It's small enough to put on your key chain but has enough space inside to fit some matches, fish hooks, fishing line a blade with a saw on the back, some gaffa tape, and some O rings that can be used as fire starters.

Special Interests Projects

These projects fall outside normal classwork and require recycled materials and/or a high level of skill in electronics or other subject areas 

Robot Chicken Door

I need a new chicken coup as the old one was to close to the house we kept getting visits from chickens who would crap everywhere. Also, I'm lazy, so this is how I made a chicken coup with a remote control door. I was surprised that it even worked, the coup is over 100 meters from the house, and the remote works reliably.

Bomb Proof Clock

When I'm woken up in the morning by the alarm, I'm not in the best of moods and the first thing to cop it is the bed side clock. Often its gets smacked, punched, thrown or kicked across the room or through the window, which can lead to the clock breaking.

What I need is a clock that can take a beating and come back for more. With its reinforced MIG welded 3mm steel case this clock can take what ever you throw at it.

Refillable WD40 From Junk

I go through a lot of spray on lubricants, and they always run out, or the can loses its pressure, when the shops are shut.

I looked at my latest can that had no pressure and a saw an disposable fire extinguisher in the bin and had an idea, combine the two and make something useful.

Replica Vintage Motorcycle

I've been want to build something unique for some time, something I could take to the "show us ya wheels" car show and know that no one has see one of these before. Only problem not to much space in the garage and old and unique= $. I did quite a bit of research before I started this project, and decided I wanted to build vintage Motorcycle something that looks like it came out of the 1920s or older, problem is rare+old =$$$.

MacGyver Style Phone Charger

MacGyver, is in trouble, Tied up and stuck in the the basement of a building with no way out, and a time bomb is going to go off in one hour. Of course he could defuse the bomb but there would be no explosion to run from at the end of the show. He can call he friend Pet on his phone to come and let him out but of course there is a problem, the phones battery is flat and he doesn't have a charger. No matter there is an old computer a photo copier and some tools

Coin Tumbler Printer Hack

A Tumbler is use for cleaning or polishing small parts, coins or stones. I need one because Ive been doing a bit of relic hunting and Im finding lots of coins. Shop keepers will often refuse dirty coins and they are quite difficult to clean after they haven been in the ground for a few years.
This should only be used on modern coins or coins that have little value, as collectors of old coins will tell you they rather their coins dirty, and is going to be worth a lot more to a collector as it is than if you clean it.

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