Fun projects you can make quickly 

Siren Whistle. the Most Annoying Toy Ever!

Kids like annoying people right right? So I had a look on instructables for the most annoying toy ever made and Kitemans siren whistle looked like it would be perfect. The only problem was its a little to difficult for grade sixes to assemble.... I know, kids and super glue sounds like great fun.... but there is probably a down side there somewhere.

I redesigned kitemans siren whistle so no glue is required the grade sixes can assemble in a few minutes and it's even louder and more obnoxious than the original.

Make a Giant Poster

This is a fun project that anyone can do on a rainy day. You don't need much skill and is a perfect project for bored kids or, if you want to redecorate or may be need a back drop for a production, movie or play..

128 Laser Cut Boxes

Kids like boxes right? I designed a small box for the laser cutter that grade sixes can assemble in a few minutes, It has a hinged lid that make a noise so the kids enjoyed making their box and enjoyed annoying there teachers even more with the clicking of the lid opening and shutting.
It took most kids around 20-30 minutes to assemble.

Making Reproduction Vintage Tin and Timber Signs

This instructable is all about printing onto surfaces other than paper. It could be plywood, metal, timber, or a painted surface. The results aren't as crisp as you would get on paper but is perfect if you want something that looks like it has a bit of age to it.
The process is fairly simple but does take a little practice too get the feel of it, so don't be to disappointed if your first attempt is not as good as you hoped. After 2 or 3 attempts I'm now quite good at the the process, and it is ideal for making reproduction vintage tin and timber signs, or printing graphics onto wooden boxes or other objects you want to look aged.

Fridge Magnet Marble or Coin Run

The Fridge Magnet Marble Run is a great toy for kids and big kids to stick on the fridge and play with. It was designed in prodesktop, and can be cut out with a laser cutter, using 3mm material. You can use marbles or coins, the coins will run much slower and require steeper incline than marbles, but still fun to set up and play with. A friend suggested I put a box at the bottom that you cant get into for the coins.

Laser-cut Christmas

If you are a teacher or look after kids this is a fun activity to keep them amused, Laser cut Christmas decorations. I've included lots of files so the hard work is done you just need access to a laser cutter.

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