The Electronic projects are arrange from easy at the top of the page and are more difficult as as you move down the page. Click on the photo and it will take you to my instructables page where you will find all the Information you need to complete the project

Follow the Line Robot

You may have seen this little line following robot on ebay they are very cheap and great for kids. This instructable is aimed at little kids or big kids who want to make a simple robot. Once you have some success with with your robot and a have had enough of it following lines everywhere, the chassis makes a great base for an arduno robot that will be able to do much more interesting things. 

Fake Neon Sign

I didn't know what to call this instructable, "robot night light" "glow in the dark sign" "back lit laser engraving" "poor man's neon sign" all came to mind, but this could be used for advertising, emergency exit sign, an award or it could just to sit on your desk and look pretty..

Mobile Phone Controlled Robot

This Robot is great for a class project as it is cheap an easy to make. You can add to it and program it to do all sorts of things, and in this Instructable Ill show you how to drive it from your phone using Bluetooth.

Electronic Projects for Beginners

If your wanting to get into electronics and need a place to start this instructable is for you. There are a number of very cheap kits on eBay and Aliexpress that you can get for 2 or 3 dollars which can give you some experience in component identification, soldering and fault finding. Some of the kits are better than others and they don't come with instructions, but the PCBs are usually well labelled, so you don't really need a step by step guide to assembling the circuits.

Battery Cases for Electronic Kits.

If you have built one of the cheap electronic kits featured in my previous instructable, you probably want to put in some sort of case. Having your project in a nice looking case will really make your project look great and will impress your friends much more than a naked PCB with wires and a battery hanging off it. Your project should be something you can be proud of, take to a job interview and say look what I made!

3D Printed CNC Mill

Ive designed this mill so that most of the parts that are hard to get or make can be 3D printed. Its design to be modular so you can easily change the size of the machine by changing either the sides or the front and back plates. Its accurate enough to cut and drill circuit boards, and small enough to fit in the boot of your car..

Special Interests Projects

These projects fall outside normal classwork and require recycled materials and/or a high level of skill in electronics or other subject areas 

Mouse With USB Port (optional Internal Drive)

Now why would I want a mouse with a USB port hanging out the side? The main reason is that I do a lot of computer aided drawing on a lap top which is impossible to do with a track pad and I share and collaborate with students who have all manner of different shapes and sizes of USB drives.
So whats the problem? Well my mac book has the USB ports so close together that it is often not possible to have two things plugged in at once.

Simple POV Wheel Lights

This Instructable will show you how to make POV lights for bike wheels that generate random colors and patterns and doesn't require any electronic circuit boards or special skills. When I first saw a monkey light I thought that is cool can I make one? Then I saw the electronics and thought probably not. After a bit more thinking maybe I don't need the electronics just to make random patterns.

Printer to Vinyl Cutter Hack

Vinyl cutters are used in the sign writing industry, and are great for making stickers, signs and graphics. I would like to thank Instructable members silverjimmy and Groover for their fantastic laser cutter instructables, without which I would not of been able to complete this project.
My idea is to take an old printer and turn it into a vinyl cutter, as they are quite similar in there design and it would hopefully make the build just that little bit easier.

High Power LED Torch From Junk

This straightforward project reuses a broken dust buster that would have been thrown in landfill. So with a cheap LED driving light and a bit of time the dust buster is now an excellent rechargeable LED torch.

Make Your Own Customisable Desktop LED Neon Signs / Lights

Neon effect LED signs are popping up everywhere at the moment which is understandable, they look fantastic and are super easy to build at home

These ones can be powered by either a USB cable or 4 'AA' batteries giving you a lot of flexibility for placement. Why not use one to illuminate your next garden or beachside party?

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